Perdure Ovens

Here are some pictures of an oven installed in France. Some pictures of the first Perdure oven in North America will be soon available!

Basic Operation

The load of wood must be prepared in advance. An air space is required between each row of wood to achieve proper air circulation. Wood or iron strips 20 mm thick are recommended for spacing.

The prepared load is placed on the mechanized carriage for introduction inside the drying oven chamber. Then, the door is closed on the oven jamb by two electric motor driven screws to achieve perfect air-tightness.

The operator programs the drying cycle taking into account the humidity percentage, cross section dimensions and species. The drying cycle may then be started.

The system next proceeds to a series of controls for the proper functioning of all these elements.

-If an anomaly is detected, it will indicate the type and what to do. It will not start as long as the anomaly has not been corrected for proper operation.

According to the program adapted to the load by taking into account the species, the humidity percentage and the cross section dimensions of the wood, the operator may select the differential between the oven’s ambient temperature and the wood’s inside temperature.

In addition to the original heat drying programs, the operators may develop new ones according to their experience and specific needs.

At the end of the drying cycle, before the door is opened, the load is cooled by injecting water inside the chamber and the water is transformed into steam.

-This injection is done sequentially to avoid sudden temperature lowering and material deterioration.

When all the proper operation parameters are reached, the oven unloading command will be displayed on the monitoring screen.

-As long as the operator has not carried out the manual stopping procedure, the computer program will stay in standby mode. The probes, ventilation, water injection, etc. will always be monitoring and will wait for the stop command.

Optional Modules

There are many optional modules that can be added or adapted to the existing ovens available to customized them to your needs such as:

  • Carriages
  • Double doors
  • Finish

Technical Sheets

 Titre / TitleCatégorie / CategoryDernière mise à jour / Last Update
PC5 & PC6 Perdure Oven Tecnical Sheet.pdf Technical Sheet (PDF)2002-12-30
Jack Pine Perdure Exterior Usage.pdf Technical Sheet (PDF)2002-12-30
Aspen Perdure.pdf Technical Sheet (PDF)2002-12-30
Aspen Perdure Exterior Usage.pdf Technical Sheet (PDF)2002-12-30
Perdure Flyer Front.pdf Marketing Document (PDF)2002-12-30
Perdure Flyer Back.pdf Marketing Document (PDF)2002-12-30
Jack Pine Perdure.pdf Technical Sheet (PDF)2002-12-30

Finish Product

Finish Product Colors

«Perdure» wood has a more pronounced colour than the original wood and the colour depth varies with species. The resulting colour is homogeneous inside and there is no discolouration when used outside. UV rays alter the colour at the surface of the wood and Perdure wood left outside has a tendency to grey poring, like any other non heat-treated wood.

Finishes such as waxes, varnishes, integrated surface coatings and paint may be applied but solvent-based organic products have better adhesion on Perdure wood due to its much lower water retention.

Because of the dimensional stability acquired by the wood, the finish is not subjected to the usual stresses and is less prone to cracking.


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