PCI Industries

PCI Industries is a company based in Quebec founded under Canadian law that is part of a group called Pluri-Capital (PCI) inc. and whose head office is located in Jonquière, Quebec, Canada.

In Europe, PCI Industries has a business developement and sales office. It is located in Lyon, the gastronomical capital of France!

You can contact us at (418) 546-3018 or by email at info@perdure.com


In October 2000, Pluri-Capital (PCI) Inc. acquired BCI based in France. This company developed the new high temperature wood treatment technology called Perdure. PCI Industries was created following the acquisition of BCI.

The research and development on the PERDURE technology allowed to develop an experimental unit and led to filing for an international French patent registration for the PERDURE technology. Furthermore, the PERDURE technology was in the marketing phase with the sale of three treatment units, two in France and one in Denmark.

PCI Industries Inc. thus owns the know-how and the technology developed over five years.

Our Mission

PCI Industries is the exclusive equipment manufacturer for the Perdure technology. Our company designs, manufactures and markets the ovens used in our high temperature wood treatment.

It provides the technical support to the Perdure technology users.

Contact Us

2455, rue Cantin, Jonquière, QC, G7X8S7
(418) 546-3018


Perdure in action!

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